Cover design for Berlinawa, author: David Kornaga.

Ecomade Festival

Visual concept for ecological festival fashion and design “Lodz ECOmade Festival” organized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. The scope of work included designing a complex visual communication 
ecomade festival

EKO project

Identity design for EKO project, organised for students of Fine Arts in Lodz. Workshops, outdoor, symposia and conferences on ecology held in three picturesque towns in...


Corporate identity design for dynamic IT business The scope of work included the design: logo, color scheme, stationery, information architecture, website and preparation for deployment.
projekt logo eng

They create, created

Artwork exhibition of works by former researchers of the Faculty of Graphics and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. The execution...

Visual Performers

Graphic design for the Visual Performers group . The project included the design: layout, typography, composition, color, dtp, preparation for printing.
branding visual performers

Culture matters

Development of a coherent publishing approach to the project Culture matters for the National Cultural Centre in Warsaw. The scope of work included layout...


Execution of the marketing strategy of the type of white bean giants of Malopolska. The project involved the creation of its name, logo, series...

Strzemiński Project 2012

Graphic design of the Strzemiński Project 2012 competition for students – cyclic exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. Works included poster...

Who am I?

Book cover design for Who am I? by Richard David Precht – a German writer of books on philosophy. The order included the typography...

Academy for business

Artwork for the Academy for business conference organized by the Center for Technology Transfer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz.

John Fowles

The project on the series of the English writer John Fowls, including the preparation of the four covers of the following: Collector, Larva, Ebony...

National Museum in Kielce

Visual identity design for the National Museum in Kielce. The development takes into account several branches of the Museum and the creation of the...

Classics of English literature

Series of audiobooks of the classics of English literature executed in the Studio of Spatial Graphics and Poster Design of the Lodz Academy of...


Globport branding – Internet service provider of courier services in the European Union. The project involved the creation of a comprehensive visual identity, developing...

Oliver Sacks

Graphic design for the series of popular books by Professor Oliver Sacks – a world-renowned neurologist. Basing on the book entitled: Awakening a film...

Classic impressions

Graphic design of a series of Classic Impressions exhibition catalogs organized within the EurText project – Back to the future!. The project realized by...


Graphic design of the series of scientific books on neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).


Development of graphic design for the book series by Christian Jacq entitled Ramses. The historical novels and popular research work on ancient Egypt by...

Design of the diplomas of Fine Arts

Design patterns of diplomas for the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz: graduation at the first and second degree, obtaining the degree of Doctor...

Brick Lane

Graphic book cover design for Brick Lane by Monika Ali. Basing on the novel a film was directed by Sara Gavron.

The Piast Route

Design competition for the Piast Route identification, including: the development of the logo, the execution of the Book of Mark and the visualization of...

Beijing Coma

Book cover design for Beijing Coma by a well-known Chinese writer Ma Jian, among others, describing the events taking place in 1989 in the...

Triangle of art

Project of the catalog exhibition Triangle of art collecting works of three artists: Mark Wagner, Bohdan Wajberg and Agnieszka Mikolajczyk of the Lodz Academy...

Transboundary city

Graphic design of the exhibition catalog for Łódź – miasto transgraniczne.

Podology Centre

Graphic identity design for the Health Podology Centre in Lodz, including the development of promotional materials and visual communication, photo shoot of Photo Bart...


Book cover design, Taking Charge of Adult ADHD by Russell A. Barkley. It is a compendium of information for parents of children with psychomotor...

French poster

Artwork of the French poster exhibition from the collections of the National Museum in Poznan.

Dobra Nocka

Creation of the brand and visual identity design for the Dobra Nocka publishing house, including the logo, printing, promotional folder and four city lights....


ABC Publishing Project realized in Copenhagen, Danmark Design Skole. The album was presented at the Biennale of Graphic Design Golden Bee in Moscow.

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